Sending Blogger Event Invitations

Blogger Event Invitation

Blogger Event Invitation

With increasing recognition of bloggers as part of new media, brands and event organizers are exploring options in tapping bloggers as part of their public relations or marketing campaigns (ie: blogger events).

One such option is inviting bloggers to their events such as product launches, inaugurations, product sampling, travel tours, food tours, food tasting, parties, and other similar activities.

With varying modes of communication, a blogger can expect the invitation to either come in any three (3) of the most common forms :

  • Physical invitation
  • Email invitation
  • SMS Invitation (electronic text)

In the same order above is the level of an invitation’s formality. The most formal of them all, an offline physical invitation can either be handed personally or through snail mail (traditional mail via post office).

With the advent of technology and the nature of the blogosphere (which is online and electronic), receiving an email invitation can still be considered formal depending on the tone and how the email was crafted (composition).

Less informal is an invitation through an electronic text message (SMS). This usually happens when the one who sent the invite already knows the blogger personally beforehand or through previous events. This is not recommended though for first time invitations.

Interestingly, and specifically through Facebook, I have received blogger event invitations through Facebook’s messaging system or ‘event‘ applications. Although this types of social media invitation is still quite rare, we see here an evolution through social media. Nonetheless I would still consider this as an informal invitation and would discourage PR and private companies to use this for sending formal invites.

I hope this event invitations primer has provided some background for PR firms new in  handling blogger event invitations. Next month, I will post a related article about the other side of the fence – how should bloggers handle/accept blogger event invitations. :)

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